Animal health: therapy and prophylaxis. 
– Development of veterinary products 
– The molecular biology in the veterinary vaccines 
– Bioethics in Biopharmaceutical productions 
– Clinical pathology 
– Veterinary Parasitology 
– Animal reproduction 
– Experience in the use of pharmacological products in the veterinary medicine 
– Animal well-being 
– Homeopathic products

Natural products: an alternative for the human health  
– Nutritional supplements  
– Etnomedical uses in the medicine  
– Pharmacology and toxicology 
– Chemical-analytic studies and technological development 
– Clinical studies  
– Homeopathic products 
Integral programs for prevention and control of transmitting vectors of illnesses 
Symposium: Experience in the control of epidemics with the employment of biological methods. 
- Sanitary education, community participation and their impact in the environment 
– Strategy of antivectorial control when natural disasters happen 
– Antivectorial campaign in the primary health care 
– Systems of entomological surveillance and geographical information 
– Development of new products 
Prebiotics and probiotics 
- Development of foods 
– Application in the animal and human health