Presentation of summaries

Congreso Internacional LABIOFAM 2010 Español

The summaries will be sent by e-mail to the Scientific Committee in digital format, before May 31th, 2010. The summary won’t exceed the 250 words, letter type “Times New Roman” 12 points to simple spacing in letter size. The structure of presentation of the summary is: title of the work (in capital and bold type), author(s), institution, complete address, city, country. The Scientific Committee of the I CONGRESS LABIOFAM 2010 will inform the acceptance or not of the works, without excluding the possibility that the author(s) participates as delegate(s). The Scientific Commission will define the forms of presentation of the works. 
For the presentation in poster, a space of 1.20 x 0.80 meters will be available. It is to the author’s decision the aesthetics of the same one and it will include the following visible parts: Title, author(s), introduction / objectives, materials and methods, results and conclusions.