Pre-congress Courses


Place: Melia Habana Hotel 
            Ave. 3ra. e/ 76 y 80 – Miramar, Playa, Havana

 Topic:   Animal Health

 1. Title: Workshop: Management on quality and biosecurity of biopharmaceutical products 
                . Module I General concepts
                . Module II Systems design
                . Module III Inspection, auditing and continuous improvement
  Schedule: 09/24/2010
  Professor: Ph D.  Esther J. Argote Pelegrino 
                      MSc Aida Hernández González 
                      Ph D.  Beatriz Amaro Villanueva
  Institution: Veterinary Scientific Council  Cuba   
  Price: 50.00 CUC

2. Title: Environment mycobacteries 
              .Human and animal health  
Schedule: 09/27/2010
                  9:00 – 12:30
Professor : Ph D. Amelia Bernardelli
Institution: Cattle Sanitation Institute Argentina
Price: 30.00CUC

3. Title: Regulations for veterinary products 
              . Introduction
              . Good use and storage, distribution  
              . Drugs surveillance
Schedule: 09/27/2010
                  9:00 – 12:30
Professor: Ph D.  Emigdio Lemes Anaya
Institution: Institute of Veterinary Medicine. Cuba
Price: 30.00CUC

4. Title: Avian health
Schedule: 09/27/2010
                 13:30 – 17:00
Professor: Ph D.Armando Sánchez*
                    Ph D. Saúl Amigo**
Institution:*   Agrarian University of Havana
                     ** IIA Institute of Poutry Research
Price: 30.00CUC

Topic: Integral Programs on the Prevention and Control of Disease Transmitter Vectors  1.Title: Dengue and its vectors.
             . Dengue in general: Clinic on the disease. Epidemiological situation. Diagnosis.
             . Vector transmitter of Dengue
             . Integrated surveillance 
             . Integral Control on vector
             . Biological Control
             . Community: community education and social communication  
Schedule: 09/27/2010
Professor: Ph D. Eric Martínez    *
                   B. Omar Fuentes        *
                   Ph D. Ángel Álvarez   *
                   B. Domingo Montada *
                   Ph D.René Gato*, Ph D. Grisel Montero **
                   Ph D. Israel García*, Ph D. Reinaldo González **
                  B. Dennis Pérez *
Institution: * Tropical Medicine Institute   Pedro Kourí. Cuba.
                     * LABIOFAM. Cuba.
Price: 30.00CUC


Topic: Natural products: a choice  for human health

1. Title: Natural ingredients and bioactive compounds  in food and diets.
Schedule:  09/27/2010
Professor: Ph D.  Fulgencio D. Saura
Institution: CSIC (Scientific Council on Scientific Research). Spain.
Price: 30.00CUC

2. Title: Regulations for Natural Products:  
              .International regulatory frame  to develop natural products, pre-clinically
              . National regulatory frame  to develop natural products, pre-clinically
Schedule: 09/27/2010
Professor: Ph D.   Julián Rodríguez*
                   Ph D.   Diadelis Remirez Figueredo **
Institution: *    CENCEC. Cuba.
                     * *  CECMED. Cuba.
Price: 30.00 CUC

Note: Registrations only by e-mail
         Registration deadline is on September 20th, 2010
         Disbursement will be in cash at the same time and place of the courses