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Congreso Internacional LABIOFAM 2010 Español






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Tuesday, September 28th
08:00-16:00 Registration
10:30 – 11:-15 Opening Dr. José A. Fraga Castro        
11:15 – 11:30  Cultural Activity        
11:30 – 12:15 Introduction


12:30 – 14:30 Lunch        
14:30 – 16:45 Full session.

 Master conferences

Wednesday, September 29th
09:00- 10:15 Conference (N) Master conference Master conference   Round table/Conference
Coffee break          
10:40 – 12:20 Free presentations (N) Conference/ Free presentations Master conference   Free presentations
14:00 – 17:00 Free presentations (N) Free presentations Free presentations Conference/Free presentations Free presentations
19:00   Cultural exchange
Thursday,  September 30th
09:00-10:15 Master conference (V) Conference   Conference Conference
Coffee Break          
10:40 – 12:20 Master conference (V) Free presentations   Conference/ Free presentations Free presentations
14:00-17:00 Free presentations (V) Free presentations Conference/ Free presentations Free presentations Free presentations
Viernes 1 octubre
09:00-10:15   Free presentations     Free presentations (V)
Coffee Break       Conference  
10:40 – 12:20   Free presentations   Conference Free presentations (V)
14:00-17:00 Closing

Farewell activity




                              PRELIMINARY SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM


Natural Products


Wednesday, September 29th

Room 3




Worshop on venom of Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus


9:00-9:45 am. Conference: Venom of Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus: from knowledge to science.

MSc. Alexis Díaz, LABIOFAM-Cuba


9:45-10:15 am. Free presentation: Proteomic and genomic identification of some components of Cuban scopion Rhopalurus junceus venom 

S.B. Regla Medina Gali, LABIOFAM-Cuba


10:20-10:40 am. Coffee break


10:40-11:00 am. Free presentation: Analgesic and antiinflammatory properties of Cuban scorpion Rhopalurus junceus venom.

S.B. Caridad C. Rodríguez, LABIOFAM-Cuba


11:00-11:20 am. Free presentation: Evaluation on toxicological safety of Rhopalurus junceus venom, new antitumoral candidate.    

MSc.Irania Guevara Orellanes, LABIOFAM-Cuba


11:20-11:40 pm. Free presentation: Pharmacokinetic study and biodistribution of Rhopalurus junceus venom.  

Ph. D. Gilmara Pimentel, INOR, Cuba


11:40-12:20 pm. Round Table. Venom of Rhopalurus junceus scorpion, a keystone to fight against cancer. 

 Dr. Niudis Cruz Zamora, Dr. Marisela Espronceada, Dr Maria Isabel Bermúdez, LABIOFAM Medical Group, Cuba


12:20-2:00 pmLunch


Clinical Cancer  


2:00-2:15 pm Free presentation: Use of scorpion venom in oncological patients within primary health assistance. Playa municipality, 2008-2010.   

Dr. Ania Mora Concepción. polyclinic Dr. Jorge Ruiz Ramirez, Playa. Cuba


2:15-2:30 pm. Free presentation: Scorpion venom to control pain caused by cancer.

 Dr. Israel Lage. HU Dr. Salvador Allende. Cuba


2:30-2:45 pm Free presentation: Analysis of Rhopalurus junceus toxin in Mexico since its introduction in the country with therapeutical aims to treat patients suffering from cancer.  

Mrs. Clara Huacuja Rountree. Mexico


2:45-3:00 pm. Free presentation: Effects of  Rhopalurus junceus venom for tumoral treatment of pets. 

Dr. Flavio Briones. Iberoamerican University of science and technology, Chile.


3:00-3:15 pm. Free presentation: TRJ-C30: results of the clinical application.

Dr. Fabio Linares Pazos, LABIOFAM, Cienfuegos, Cuba


3:15-3:30 pm. Free presentation: Biological, social and psychological impact of natural products in cancer control therapy. APS. Havana City, 2008-2009

Dr. Eva Salomón Zaldívar. Province Cancer Observatory . Havana City. Cuba


3:30-3:50 pm. Conference. Complementary therapy with Trofin to improve life quality in patients suffering from cancer. 

Dr. Eliza Aznar, BIOCEN. CUBA


3:50-4:05 pm. VIMANG® (broth of Manguifera indica L.) dermatological protector for ionizing radiations.  

Dr. Doris Gil Valdés, University Hospital  Dr. Salvador Allende. CUBA


4:05-4:20 pm. Advances of bioenergetic medicine using BIMET diagnosis associated to quantic therapeutical systems to treat degenerative diseases, including cancer. 

Dr. Omar Alberto Rancez Ferretti. Quantic medicine Consulting office in Argentina. Argentina


4:20-4:35 pm. Free presentation: From permanent magnets to leading technologies. An approach to the tumoral process in human.  

Master. Antonio Salas. Biomagnetics Salas, Mexico


4:35-4:50 pm Homeopathic tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

 B.S. Julián Rodríguez,   MINTUR Turistic Observatory,Biology Fac., UH. Cuba


Room 7



President: Dr, Juan Carlos Rodríguez Aurocochea. INOR-Cuba

Secretary: M.Sc. Alexis Díaz García. LABIOFAM-Cuba


2:00-2:15 pm. Free presentation: Medicinal plants in therapy against cancer.

Dr. Evangelina Marrero. CENSA, Cuba


2:15-2:30 pm. Free presentation: Antiproliferating and pro-Apoptosis activity in Hela, Siha and MCF7 cells in a solid medium of Texus globosa.

Eng. Luis J. Brindis Méndez, CINVESTAV-IPN. Mexico


2:30-2:45 pm. Free presentation: Antiproliferating and pro-Apoptosis activity in Hela, Siha and MCF7 cells in a liquid medium of Texus globosa.  

Eng. Ana Audelia Durán Alamilla, CINVESTAV-IPN. Mexico


2:45-3:00 pm Free presentation: Counterpart molecules used against Inhibiting Apoptosis Proteins (IAP) isolated from natural products as potential candidates for a therapeutical treatment against cancer.  

Professor. Diego Ricardo Muñoz. Sabana Universidad. Colombia


3:00-3:15 pm. Free presentation: Evidence of Xanthium strumarium L. antitubulin in CHO cells. 

Yanet Piloto Ferrer. CIDEM


3:15-3:30 pm. Free presentation: Preclinical study of therapy using ozone against malignant tumors. 

M.Sc. Janet Cepero Cañas. National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology.


3:30-4:00 pm. Free presentation: Cytotoxic activity of Rhinocricus duvernoyi  defensive secretions.

Néstor Mora González. Ciencias Médicas. Camaguey



Room 7


9:00-9:30 am. Conference: Regulations for herbarium products in Cuba.  

Dr. Diadelys Remírez, CECMED;  M.Sc. Julián Rodríguez Álvarez, CENCEC. CUBA


9:30-10:00 am. Conference: Therapeutical products with a natural origin for veterinary medicine and public health: Opportunities and challenges.  

Dr. Evangelina Marrero. CENSA. CUBA 


10:00-10:30 am. Conference. Natural products. A round cycle approach. 

M.Sc. Marlene Porto Verdecia. Directora CIDEM. Cuba


10:30-10:50 am. Coffee break


10:50-11:05 am. Free presentation: Clinical study on the effectiveness of GANSOORIYA (Thespesia populnea) stem when treating VICHARCHIKA (ECZEMA).

UDS Sewwandi, Institute of Indigenous Medicine. Colombo Universidad, Sri Lanka


11:05-11:20 am. Free presentation: Evaluation on relieving effect of celery (Apium graveolens) cream to treat muscular contractions.  

 M.Sc. María Esperanza Rodríguez van Lier. State University of Ecatepec  Valley. Mexico


11:20-11:35 am. Free presentation: Antimycotic power of four vegetable  species against dermatophyte T.rubrum.

 Arecio Manjarres, Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca. Colombia


11:35-11:50 am. Free presentation: Antimicrobial peptides as model molecules to develop new antiviral agents in aquiculture.   

Dr. Amparo Estepa. University Miguel Hernández, Spain


11:50-12:05 pm. Free presentation: Toxicological evaluation of mangiferina  in rodents. 

B.S. Yalena Prado Vizcaino.  School of Medical Sciences Dr. Enrique Cabrera, Cuba


12:05-12:20 pm. Free presentation: Neuroprotective effect of Vimang in patients suffring from chronical dermatitis.  

 Mariela Guevara García. LABIOFAM



12:20-2:00 pmLunch


 September 30th

Room 7


2:00-2:15 pm Free presentation: Quality management system for clinical trials of natural products.  

M.Sc. Sandra Álvarez Guerra. CENCEC. Cuba


2:15-2:30 pm. Free presentation: Hypoglycemic effect and acute toxicity of Momordica charantia Lin aqueous broth.   

M.Sc. Alicia Lagarto. Centre for Medicaments Research and development, Cuba


2:30-2:45 pm Free presentation: Preclinical development of  an  antihyperglycemic with a natural origin.  FZ

 Andrés S. Fleitas Estévez. National Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.


2:45-3:00 pm. Free presentation: Helicobacter pylori. Mexico


3:00-3:15 pm. Free presentation: Development and use of a minor method to determine antimicrobial activity of natural products in vitro.  

Nidia M. Rojas Hernández. University of Havana.


3:15-3:30 pm. Free presentation: Petiveria alliacea L., immunostimulant medicinal plant.   

Zoe Lemus.   Eastern Pharmaceutical Laboratory.  


3:30-3:50 pm. Free presentation: Echotoxicological evaluation of Surfacbil in seeds of radish, lettuce and tomato. 

Edisleidy Águila Jiménez.   Las Villas Central University “Marta Abreu”  


3:50-4:05 pm. Free presentation: Bioprospection of “oyster mushrooms or wood ears” non-wood forest products from Colombian Piedmont.  

Jairo Ricardo Hernández, Uni Trópico. Colombia


4:05-4:20 pm. Free presentation: Effect of  Guadua angustifolia Kunth broth on avobenzoins photostability.  

 B.S. Enith Susana Durango Álvarez. Antioquia University. Medellín. Colombia.



Friday, October 1st

Room 7


9:00-9:30 am. Conference: Known and unknown food antioxidants: general properties and content. 

Dr. Fulgencio D. Saura Calixto CSIC. Spain

9:30-10:00 am. Conference. Modulation of oxidative stress and swelling caused by diet’s phytochemicals applied to sport nutrition and related inflammatory diseases.     

Professor. Vicente Micol, University Miguel Hernández. Spain


10:00-10:30 am. Conference: ACITAN® as dietetic fiber and antioxidant.   

M.Sc. María Regla Pérez Capote, LABIOFAM. Cuba


10:30-10:50 am. Coffee Break


10:50-11:05 am CLINICAL ACITAN  

Dr. María Isabel Bermúdez, LABIOFAM, Cuba


11:05-11:20 am. Conference: FERRICAL: Alternative nutritional supplement to treat ferropenic anemia.   

Dr. César García Cáceres, LABIOFAM. CUBA 


11:20-11:40 am. FERRICAL use for a nutritional recovery in groups sensitive to iron defficiency anemia.   

Dr. José A. Véliz, Rector Universidad Ciencias Médicas, Pinar del Río. Cuba


11:40-11:55 am. Free presentation: Treatment of Helicobacter pylori infections with Sulforaphane obtained from Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. Belstar) seeds.

Dr. Víctor Manuel Huerta Espinosa. Ciudad Universitaria. Puebla, Mexico.


11:55-12:25 pm. Conference: From ethnomedical practice  to a natural product from mangifera indica L. Vimang®, nutraceutical and therapeutical potentiality. Antioxidant, analgesic, antiinflammatory and immunomodoluting action.

 Dr. C. Rene Delgado Hernández. CIDEM. Cuba





Animal Health: therapy and prophylaxis.


September 29th

Room  5


Session: Development of Veterinary Products.


08:30-09:30 Master Conference

Dr. José Joaquín Oreamuno Toledo, IEO Subregional  Representative in America.


09:30-10:30 Master Conference

Dr. Emerio Serrano Ramírez. Director of the Institute of veterinary Medicine.


10:30-10:45 COFFEE BREAK


10:45-11:15 Conference: State control on veterinary medicaments. Dr. Adela Encinosa. Institute of Veterinary Medicine.


11:15-11:45 Production of biological and pharmaceutical medicaments for veterinary aims in Cuba. Origin. Armando Rivas Cabezas management. 

Dr. Feliberto Mohar Hernández. Agrarian University of Havana. 


11:45-12:00 Requirements for studies on stability of pharmacological products with veterinary aims. 

 MSc. Susana Sánchez Sanabria. IMV.


12:00-12:15 Vaccine against Classical Swine Fever from a cell culture. 

 Dr. Tania Campos. LABIOFAM.


12:15-12:30 Technological modifications to produce bovine PPD Tuberculin in Cuba. 

 Dr. Pedro Acosta Dueñas. LABIOFAM.


12:30-14:00 LUNCH


14:00-14:15 VSM and VST out of vaccine strain to be used against Avian Influenza.    

 B.S. Ana Ivis Cervera de La Rosa. LABIOFAM.


14:15-14:30 Technology to obtain buffered antigen in dishes. Brucela abortus. B.S.  Xiomara Peña Castillo. LABIOFAM.


14:30-14:45 VSM development and evaluation aimed at evaluating lyophilized strain against Marek disease.  

B.S.  Mayelín Paneque Sayas. LABIOFAM.


14:45-15:00 experimental vaccine against canine Parvovirosis          

 Dr. Digna Contreras. LABIOFAM.


15:00-15:15 Evaluation of inactive New Castle vaccine for  La Sota strain pidgeons. 

B.S.  Syduet González. LABIOFAM.


15:15-15:30 Antivenom against ophidism for veterinary use.       

 Ignacio Gould. Goulkos Laboratories. Argentina.


15:30-15:45 FARMAZOL: Albendazol suspension with a widen spectrum.   . B.S.  Milagros Abreu Martínez. LABIOFAM.


15:45-16:00 ABCG2/BCRP carriers in mammary glands: pharmacological relationship and modulation of drug secretion within milk. 

 Dr. Julio G. Prieto Fernández.  León University. Spain.


Session: Biosecurity.


16:00-16:30 Conference: Biosecurity on biopharmaceutical products. 

 Dr. Esther Argote. President of the Microbiology Cuban Society. 


16:30- 16:45 Biosecurity in LABIOFAM.

Dr. Miguel Hernández. National Center of Biological Security.  


16:45-17:00. Analysis of biological risk, main menace in laboratories of biopharmaceutical productions.  

 Maritza Hernández Fundora. FINLAY.



Septembre 30th  

Room 5


Session:Clinical Pathology


08:30-09:00 Conference: Challenges to eliminate bovine Tuberculosis in europe. Is there a space for vaccines?  

 Dr. Mariano Domingo. Director of Research and Diagnosis Centre on Animal health. Spain.   

09:00-09:30 Conference: Bovine tuberculosis in Argentina and the area.

Dr. Amelia Bernardelli. Institute of Cattle Sanitation.   


09:30-10:00 Conference: Diseases associated with porcine circovirus type 2  (PCVD): pathogenesis, diagnosis and vaccine prophylaxis. 

 Dr. Mariano Domingo. Director of Research and Diagnosis Centre on Animal health. Spain.   


10:00-10:30 Conference: Therapy to control diseases related to the respiratory complex in birds. 

Ph. D.  Armando Sánchez Prieto. UNAH.


10:30- 10:45 COFFEE BREAK


10:45-11:00 Seroprofile of agents associated with chronical respiratory syndrome in laying hens.  

 Dr. Manuel Colás Chávez. LIDA.


11:00-11:15 Oestrus Ovis in Cuba.

 Vilmarys Matos Moya. Centro de Desarrollo de la Montaña.

Session: Molecular Biology


11:15-11:45  Tendencies for the development and research of new generation vaccines. 

 Dr. Siomara Martínez Marrero.  CENSA.


11:45-12:00 Classical swine fever virus E2 glycoprotein fused to CD154 molecule antigen produced in the milk of adenovirally tranduced goat confers complete protection in pigs upon viral challenge. Yanet Prieto. CIGB.


12:00-12:15 Molecular characterization of strains of Equine Infectious Anemia in Cuba. 

 B.S. Mavys Díaz Miranda. LABIOFAM.


12:15-12:30 PCR validation on REV diagnosis as a vaccine contaminator.   

 Damarys Relova  CENSA.


12:30-12:45 Detection and identification of avian Infectious bronchitis virus by using a reverse transcription assay coupled to a polymerase chain reaction.     

B.S. Mayelin Paneque Zayas. LABIOFAM.


12:45-14:00 Lunch


Session: Parasitology.


14:00-14:30 Identification and characterization of Haemonchus species in goats from valle del Cauto, Granma.  

 Niurkys Rojas Gámez. Institute of Agricultural Research Jorge