Organizing and sponsoring

Organizing institution

Latin American Center for Disaster Medicine “Dr. Abelardo
Ramírez Márquez” (CLAMED).

Sponsoring institutions

Environment Agency
National Center of Toxicology (CENATOX)
National Center of Seismological Research (CENAIS)
National Advisory Council of Health Scientific Societies (CNSCS)
Cuban Red Cross
National School of Public Health (ENSAP)
National Staff of Civil Defense (EMNDC)
Institute of Meteorology
Ministry of Public Health
Cuban Society of Psychology of Health
Cuban Society of Psychiatry
National Union of Engineers and Architects of Cuba (UNAICC)
Havana Medical University
Spanish Development Cooperation Agency
Atlantic Charitable Trust
Training Center Crecer (SpA Crecer)
Promotion, Development and Exchange Corporation
Representation of the Pan-American Health (NUXAM)
United Nations Children ́s Fund (UNICEF)
PhET TM International
Representation of the Pan-American Health Organization (OPS/OMS)