Objectives and Participants


1. To update the good practices and the lessons learned in disaster risk management in the Public Health.
2. To present the best experiences related to health and disasters with a multidisciplinary, intersectorial and communitarian approach and analyze its systematization for decision making.
3. To encourage the scientific exchange among professionals, national and foreign experts on prevention, preparedness, response and recovery in disaster situations for the betterment of the health of the Cuban population, of the countries of the region as well as the safety of health institutions.
4. To promote new alternatives for the cooperation concerning risk reduction and disaster management in the international field.

Profile of participants

This is a national event with the participation of foreign experts and shall have a multidisciplinary and multisectorial character, that is why it will group professionals of the Medical Sciences (Medicine, Dentistry, Nursery, Psychology and Health Technology ) as well as other specialists related to the health sector and will count on a nourished representation of scientists, academics and specialists from the Civil defense, Meteorology, Seismology , Veterinary Medicine, Civil Engineers, Hydraulic Engineers, Firemen, Social Communicators , Medical Services of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Interior, among others.