Dear colleagues:

We are pleased to announce the celebration of our 2nd National Congress on Health and Disasters which will be held in Havana, Cuba from March 20-22, 2013 at the Convention and Medical Services Center.

The objective of this event with international participation is to promote a space to interchange experiences and lessons learned among specialists who work in this field inside the country and abroad, in order to contribute to the scientific and technical development on this subject matter for the improvement of the health of the population and health institutions, with impact in the economy and the preservation of the environment.

The program is aimed at professionals, technicians, health workers and managers related to the health and disasters issue. We also look forward to our sharing experiences of the local levels of the health services, their scientific and governmental organizations so as to foster initiatives that shall enhance the cooperation on disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery at national and international levels.

We hope that this coming Congress will be a great opportunity for the technical, professional and teaching community together with the local authorities who work for disaster reduction and the improvement of our
people’s health.

Prof. Dr. Guillermo Mesa Ridel, MPhil
Organizing Committee