Organizing and sponsoring

Cuban Society of Psychology
Palace of Convention in Havana

Local sponsoring
Cuban Ministry of Higher Education
Cuban Ministry of Public Health
Cuban Ministry of Education
Cuban Ministry of Culture
University of Havana
Cuban Society of Health Psychology
Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for Research on sexuality
Matanzas Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cuba

International sponsoring

Latin American Union of Organizations of Psychology (ULAPSI)
American Association for Training and Teaching  in Psychology (ALFEPSI)
Mexican Association for Alternatives in Psychology (AMAPSI)
Russian Society of Psychology
Private University “Antonio Guillermo Urrelo”, Cajamarca, Peru.
Society for Risk Analysis, Latin American Regional Group (SRALA).
Academicians of Community and Environmental Psychology at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos, Mexico
American Network for the Promotion of Comprehensive Work Security
(RIPSIT), the CYTED (Ibero-American Science and Technology for Development).
Work net for productive dialogues
International Association for the Psychotherapy of Group and Processes  (IAGP)
Latin American Psychology  Network in Emergency and Disaster
Latin American Society for Risk Analysis (SRA-LA)Risk Analysis (SRA-LA)
Representation of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) in Cuba
United Nations Population Fund – UNFPA in Cuba
UNICEF Representation in Cuba

Organizing Committee
Members of honor
Dr. Rodolfo Alarcón Ortiz.
Minister of Higher Education, Cuba
Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda
Minister of Public Health, Cuba
Dr.  Ena Elsa Velásquez
Minister Of education, Cuba
Dr. Rafael Bernal Alemañy
Minister of Culture
Dr. Gustavo Cobreiro Suárez
Rector of University of Havana

Dr.  Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz. PhD.
President of the Cuban Society of Psychology

Dr. Manuel Calviño Valdés-Fauly, PhD.
President of Ulapsi
Vice president (International affairs and Communication)

Dr. Roberto Corral Ruso. PhD
President of the Scientific Committee
Vice president of the Cuban Society of Psychology

Norma Guillard Limonta,  Degree in Psychology.
Secretary of the Board of the Cuban Society of Psychology


  • MSc. María Del Pilar Soteras del Toro
  • Dr. Beatriz Torres Rodríguez ,Ph.D.
  • Dr. Dionisio Zaldívar Pérez, Ph.D.
  • MSc. Georgina Fariñas García
  • Dr.  Lucía Alba Pérez, Ph.D.
  • María Esther Ortiz Quesada, Degree in Psycology
  • MSc. Martha Martínez Rodríguez
  • MSc. María Teresa Abreu García
  • MSc. María Teresa Orosa Fraiz
  • MSc. María Teresa Rodríguez Wong
  • MSc. Mario Rodríguez-Mena García
  • Norma Rita Guillard Limonta, Degree in Psycology
  • Dr. Osana Molerio Pérez, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Ovidio DÁngelo Hernández, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Patricia Arés Muzio Ph.D.
  • Dr. Pedro Fernández Olazabal, Ph.D.
  • MSc. Rafael Armas Moya
  • Dr. Rosa María Reyes Bravo, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Yamila Roque Doval, Ph.D.
  • Bárbara Oviedo. Degree in Psycology