Events included

  1. National Congress of the Cuban Society of Psychology
  2. XVII International Seminar Psycho-ballet
  3. XII International and XIII national Symposiums on leadership and management processes in organizational development.
  4. IX Congress Counseling of America
  5. IV International Conference on Emergency and Disaster Psychology
  6. II Congress of Rorschach and other projective techniques
  7. II International Meeting of psychological counseling
  8. II Cuban Meeting on Psychodrama and group processes
  9. I Symposium on Psychology and gender, couples and family
  10. VI International Conference on the legacy of the cultural historical approach
  11. First International Symposium on Psychology, subjectivity and aging
  12. First National Meeting on Social and Community Psychology
  13. First  Cuban Symposium on Environmental Psychology
  14. International Symposium on Clinical and health Psychology
  15. International Symposium on Psychology and addictive behaviors
  16. International Symposium on psychology and organizational development
  17. International Symposium on education of psychologists
  18. International Symposium on Psychology and disability
  19. International Symposium on Sports Psychology
  20. International Symposium on Psychoanalysis
  21. Symposium International Psychology and sexuality. Focus current
  22. V International Encounter of the Net of Work for Productive Dialogues and Third Meeting of the International Graduate of Learning and Practical
  23. First Regional Congress of the Caribbean of the International Association for the Psychotherapy of Group and Processes IAGP