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hominisTowards an integrating Psychology at the service of society and welfare.

The Cuban Society of Psychology announces a new edition of the Intercontinental Psychology Convention, Hominis 2013, giving a contemporary view to its proposal, which is consistent with the requirements and demands of the Cuban Psychology, and it is inserted in the dynamics of our social project achievements, prospects, and challenges.
This time, the topics proposed emphasize on the interdisciplinary addressing of issues, the need to find integrating grounds for structuring subjectivity and for understanding the complexity and diversity in human being dimensions as part of the social and personal development.
These arguments support the call for this event to promote a space for reflection, to exchange scientific and professional commitment to the dilemmas of this century as representatives of a science that becomes mature and experienced, at a time of changing situations, reorganization, and adjustments intended for the improvement of human labor.
For this important event we invite to participate in the analysis and discussion of different topics, on December 2 to 6, 2013. The venue will be in the cozy Palace of Conventions in Havana.
Colleagues, we are confident that the presence of all will stimulate the path to the success of this new meeting of our science and profession, and that Cuba will multiply the rich discussions and exchanges, with its hospitality and joy.
Dr. Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz. Ph.D.
President of the Organizing Committee