Announcement of the course


The PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for the Study of Dengue and its Vector, Institute of Tropical Medicine/MINSAP, the Cuban Society of Microbiology and Parasitology, the Cuban Ministry of Health and PAHO-WHO announces the 14th edition of the Dengue International Course, from 10th-21th August 2015.

During the course, the dengue epidemiological situation will be updated as well as the main scientific advances in vaccine and antiviral development, new vector control tools, genetic of the individual, the vector and the agent, clinical management, emergency control, among others. One topic of importance will be the advances and lessons of the Integrated Dengue Management Strategy that PAHO and the American countries develop for the better dengue control and prevention. This and other international initiatives conducted by WHO, PDC, among others will be presented during the course.

A three days minicourse on the topic of Mathematical Models for Dengue prognostic will be organized.
In addition a workshop on Severe Dengue and three expert meetings (by invitation), one directed to discuss the advances of the multicentre project IDAMS, another to other to the improvement of the dengue surveillance systems and the outbreak response (this last organized by WHO/TDR/PAHO/IDAMS) and the last to integrated vector management (WHO/PAHO).

The Course’s objective is that participants -physicians, virologists, immunologists, sociologists, epidemiologists, entomologists, and health managers, among others interested in this field, along with many professors from several prestigious national and international institutions, may have the opportunity to debate on the most relevant and updated aspects of this disease and its control.

The official languages of the Course are: Spanish and English.  Translation in both languages will available during theoretical sessions.

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