The National Unit for Cancer Control (UNCC) and the Center for Isotope (CENTIS) summon to participate in the V National Workshop, I Regional Workshop on Cancer, IV International Seminar and IV National Workshop: Use and development of isotope product industry for health, within the 15 anniversary of the Isotope Center.

Annually and during 5 years this event (National Cancer Workshop) includes professionals involved in cancer control from all provinces (Vice Directors of Medical Assistance, Provincial Cancer Control Coordinators, Provincial Heads of Oncology), members the ad hoc working groups of prioritized cancer sites by national managers and other related sectors.

These events are characterized by having a central theme designed to evaluate how Cancer Control Strategy behaves in the country. On this occasion the central issues are, ¨ Human Resources Training ¨, ¨ Quality of Life and Cancer ¨, Cancer Prevention and Control ¨, radionuclide therapy, ¨ nuclear and molecular image ¨, ¨ Production of radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals and activities relations ° as well as “Use of biotechnological products” and ¨ Social Sciences space in cancer control”.

Prestigious scientific and academic personalities in America and Europe will attend this event, they will share their experiences and make significant contributions to cancer control in Cuba.

You are all very much welcome.

Dr. Teresa Romero Pérez
President Organizing Committee.