Submission Guidelines

For pre-Congress courses, requests to present on a particular topic should include the course outline and a brief CV and/or Bio of the professor(s) who will present.


Neurosciencies, genetics and psychiatry
Brain imaging and Psychiatry
Epidemiology and psychiatry
Diagnostics and classification in psychiatry
Prevention and health promotion
Childhood and adolescence mental health
Addiction and dual disorders
Schizophrenia and first psychotic episodes
Depression and bipolar disorders
Human sexuality, mental health and diversity
Gender and mental health
Stigma and mental health
Longevity, mental health Issues of older adults and geriatric psychiatry
Training and continuing education in psychiatry
Community and social psychiatry
Mental health after emergencies and disastres
Forensic psychiatry
Inter-consultation and liaison psychiatry
Cross-cultural psychiatry
Psychiatric rehabilitation
Social work, occupational therapy and psychiatry
Nursing psychiatry
Art and mental health
Mass media and mental health
Family, society and psychiatry
Algorithms and Protocols in mental health care and psychiatry
Applied nanotechnology

Submission of presentations, papers, posters and/or abstracts will be accepted through   December 27th, 2018

Digital presentations must adhere to the following:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • CD, DVD and flash drive presentations
  • Any applications requiring special associated programs must be accompanied by the program installation discs

Please advise/inform the Scientific Committee in advance of any/all audiovisual equipment requirements.

Types of Presentation

  • Symposium
  • Lectures
  • Roundtables
  • Posters
  • ePosters
  • Videos


Abstracts: 250 words or less. Font:  Arial 12.  Format:  Word.  Paper Presentations should comply with the requirements for journal publication.

It must include:

  • Institution, Province/State, Country
  • Title (capitals, bold)
  • Authors (first author underlined
  • Key words
  • Introduction (brief)
  • Objective
  • Methods
  • Results (most relevant)
  • Conclusions

Please be sure to specify:

  • Form of presentation (posters, paper presentations, roundtable presentations, etc.)
  • Telephone number(s), email address of lead author, and country
  • Audio-visual equipment neededCOMPLETE PRESENTATION

Paper Presentations should comply with the requirements for journal publication; 7-10 pages (8 ½ X 11 inches); Font:  Arial 12.  Format:  Word.   1 1/2 – line spacing.

It must include:

  •  Abstract (It is included into the whole paper presentation according to the previous referred requirements)
    •    Introduction
    •    Objective
    •    Methods
    •    Results and discussion
    •    Conclusions
    •    Bibliography
    •    Enclosures

Please be sure to specify: (it could be included in the abstract)

  • Form of presentation
  • Telephone number(s), email address, and country
  • Audio-visual equipment needed

POSTERS (Size 120 x 80 cm)

•    Institution, province, country
•    Title (Bold capitals, appropriate size)
•    Authors (lead author, paper presenter underlined)
•    Introduction
•    Objective
•    Methods
•    Results (tables, graphics, photos)
•    Conclusions
•    Telephone, email address of lead author

ROUNDTABLES:  Single topic; one-hour maximum duration, with a half-hour for discussion with the audience. The different aspects of the topic presented by the members of the roundtable must be in the form of individual scientific papers. Presentations must be in PowerPoint, with appropriate letter size and slide base, depending on the number of presenters in the group.  Papers cannot have been presented previously at Cuban scientific events.

LECTURES / KEYNOTE ADDRESSES: Maximum 30 minutes duration. Presentation must be sent according to the requirements described above and must not have been presented previously at Cuban scientific events.

VIDEOS: Must meet the requirements and may not exceed 15 minutes in length.

For all forms of presentation, a summary (and/or abstract) and the complete presentation must be sent to the Scientific Committee in digital format, in accordance with the requirements described above. Presentations that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

Send presentations / submission requests to the Scientific Committee


Submissions will be accepted until December 27th, 2018 (final deadline)
The Scientific Committee will communicate acceptance of submitted presentations by January 15th, 2019.


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