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Soc Cuba psiq logo congresoIXth Cuban Congress of Psychiatry
VIIth  Pan American Congress of Childhood and  Adolescence Mental Health 
IInd   Latin American Symposium of  the World Dual Disorders Association
IInd  Internacional Congress of Psychotherapy

International Convention Center of Havana. March 11th – 15th, 2019


Miriam de la OsaOn behalf of the Cuban Society of Psychiatry, we would like to invite you to attend the 9th Cuban Congress of Psychiatry and the 7th Pan-American Congress of Childhood and Adolescence Mental Health, to be held at the International Convention Center in Havana, Cuba, from March 11th to 15th, 2019.

In the current period of the 21st Century, Psychiatry deals with new challenges. Many changes are taking place in health care systems and in research field, and our specialties have much to do during these moments of rapidly changing situations, reorganization and necessary adjustments as we strive for our common goals in the work for peoples’ well-being and human improvement.

We develop great efforts to get a broad, diverse, and high-level scientific program in this congress and we are counting on your participation during the sessions dedicated to the various topics proposed.  In particular, we are excited about your undeniably valuable scientific and experiential contributions, together, we will come away with enriched vision based on the currently ever-evolving diverse approaches and perspectives related to mental health.

Many younger colleagues who are still in training or recently graduated will participate in this event, and they will have a special “place” and space for reflection, scientific exchange and professional commitment as representatives of the future of mental health practice and science which is gaining in maturity and experience.

Please put this date in your calendars and join us in Havana on March 2019 to be part of this exceptional encounter and this excellent opportunity to further develop the current and future direction of psychiatry.

Firma Miriam

Miriam de la Osa O´Reilly
Chairwoman of the Organising Committee