The Cuban Society of Psychology, historically linked to this event since 1999, with a continuity maintained for a decade, announces a new edition: Hominis-2016. This Convention will provide you with a contemporary vision, in keeping with the demands and requirements of Cuban Psychology, inserted in the dynamics of our social project with its achievements, prospects and challenges.

The proposed topics insist, on treating interdisciplinary issues, the need to find out integrating spaces so as to create the subjectivity and understanding of complexity, as well as the diversity in the human being´s dimensions as part of social and personal development.

These arguments support the purpose of this event so as to foster a setting for reflection, scientific exchange and professional commitment in view of the dilemmas of the present century, in which we act as representatives of a science which has been gaining in maturity and experience, within a moment of constant changes, as well as necessary reorganization and adjustments in order to favor human improvement.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the analysis and debate of the different topics of the meeting, which will be held from May 9th to 13th, 2016, at the Havana International Conference Center, located in CUBANACÁN neighborhood, in the western part of Havana, Cuba.

Dear colleagues, we are utterly convinced that your participation in the Convention will contribute to the success of this new edition of our science and profession. Cuban hospitality and joy will help to spread at a fast rate the enriching debates and exchanges we hope to enjoy during this event.

Alexis Lorenzo Ruiz, Dr., Ph. D.

President of the Organizing Committee