Electronic Poster

Rules of the poster-mail:
• Job title
• Name of author. Your photo should appear on the slide.
• Name of school or institution where the work was done, country.
• Email the author
• Introduction
• Material and Methods
• Results
• Conclusions
Software: The slides prepared in Microsoft Power Point 2003 (PP) for Windows.
Slide background: For the slide background to use as few colors as possible.
Font size: For the main title, use a letter as big as you can, about 44 points. The rest of the text may vary but should not be less than 18 points.
Typography: Recommended for space reasons to use one of the following types of fonts: Arial, Verdana, Bookman Old Style Comic Sans, Helvetica, Optima, or Palatino. Avoid abbreviations, acronyms or jargon.
Font color: You can choose different colors for the letters.
Tables: For tables on the slide, use bold fonts, avoid italics, select the font size between 36 and 24 points.
Graphics: For graphics on the slide, use only bold fonts, avoid italics, use the letter of 18 points or more.
Note the side of the slide: The author’s explanation should be presented next to the slide as an explanatory note if necessary, with no more than 100 words.
Links within a slide or note: You can make links from his presentation to documents that are online. Place the links within the slide or note.
Images: If you have pictures, graphics, etc. should be in gif, jpg, or png. Use Power Point command: insert picture from file on each slide and avoid copying and pasting, not to increase the size of the presentation unnecessarily.
Effects: Avoid if possible animations.
Advertisement: Do not mention trademarks.
Size: The maximum number of slides should be 12. The size of the presentation should not exceed 2 Mb This is very important and essential for your poster to be accepted and published on the website of the event.
Format: To win in agility and time to launch its digital poster, save it in presentation (. Pps) preferably (. Ppt).
The deadline for submitting posters is 30 November 2010. The exchange will only electronically.