Call for abstracts

The Organizers suggest to save the dates for abstract submission.
Please, indicate clearly the meeting (ex. Fourth International Workshop of Neuroimmunology), the form of presentation as well as the main issue related to your abstract. Authors may present more than one abstract for the program.
English will be the official language of the meeting and oral presentations will be given priority to be accepted. The Organizing Committee will inform authors via e-mail on the acceptance of abstracts 30 days after the deadline.
Deadline for Abstract Submission: March 30th, 2017.
Foreign delegates must send their abstracts by e-mail to: Dr. Maria Robinson Agramonte. President of the Organizing Committee. E-mail:
Cuban delegates must send their abstracts by e-mail to: Elena Noris ( and Lourdes Lorigados (


Instructions for Abstracts: Authors should provide their abstract in Word format (Single space). Title: in Black, Arial 12, No capital letter. Abstract text in Arial 10. Authors: Last name and first letter of the name, authors separated by comas (in black, Arial 10). The name of the author who will present the work should be underlined; e.g. Rodriguez ME, Valdez Fernandez V. Institutions, addresses and e-mail following the names. Abstracts should contain a brief introduction, materials and methods, the results achieved in research and conclusions, all in no more than 250 words.