Lodging packs


Price per pack per night expressed in CUC*  

Hotel Category Single Double
Hotel Meliá Varadero  *****  233.00 169.00
Hotel Meliá Las Américas ***** 271.00 200.00
Hotel Villa Tortuga **** 125.00 105.00
Hotel Varazul ** 119.00 94.00

*CUC: Cuban Convertible Peso

 Included services:

  • Personalized assistance in the hotels.
  • Transfer in a collective bus: Havana- chosen hotel in Varadero.
  • Lodging for a night in the chosen hotel with all-inclusive service.
  • Everyday transfer to the event site and back.
  • Transfer in a collective bus: chosen hotel in Varadero-Havana.

To request your lodging, contact:

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Name of event : COMUMED 2016
Begining: 28/07/2016    Ending: 30/07/2016
Venue: Meliá Varadero.
Commercial: Alexander Socorro   email:  alexander@havanatur.cu
Reserve Manager: Maria Isabel   email: mchavez@habanatur.cu
Representative: Elsa Delisle   email: delisle@habanatur.cu

Phone number: +53(7)201-9761