Cuban Ministry of Public Health.bandera-espana

  • Unit for Health Promotion and Prevention of Diseases – Prosalud

Honor Committee
Roberto Morales Ojeda. Minister of Public Health.
José Ángel Portal Miranda. First Deputy Minister of Public Health.
Marcia Cobas Ruiz. Deputy Minister of Public Health.
Alfredo González Lorenzo. Deputy Minister of Public Health.


National School of Public Health.
National Center of Information on Medical Sciences.
Department of Communication.
Cuban Society of Public Health.
Cuban Society of Hygiene and Epidemiology.
Ministry of Culture
Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry.
Book Cuban Institute.
Higher Institute of Arts
– Faculty of Media and Audiovisual Communication.
Association Hermanos Saiz.
Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education.
University of Havana
– Faculty of Communication.
– Higher Institute of Design.
– Chair of the Elderly.
Cuban Association of Social Communicators.
Cuban Union of Journalists.