Program CUBANNI 2017

Program can be downloaded here.
Saturday, June 10 – Arriving in BLAU MARINA VARADERO
Check-in and enjoying the hotel
19:00 hrs: Welcome activity
Place: Conference Room
Chairs: V. Wee Yong (Canada)
                  Maria Robinson Agramonte (Cuba)
                  Nibaldo Hernandez Mesa (Cuba)
Welcome talks: SONECUB Executives
Opening Lectures:
19.20-19.50 hrs: Orlando Serrano Barrera (Cuba). Some founding events on the history of neuroimmunology
19.55-20.30 hrs: V. Wee Yong. University of Calgary, Canada (ASNI). Modulating inflammation in multiple sclerosis
20:30-21:00 hrs: Welcome activity and cocktail
Sunday, June 11th – SESSION 1
07:30-08:15 hrs: Breakfast at Buffet Room
Fourth lnternational Workshop of Neuroimmunology
8.30-10.20 hrs: Symposium on epigenetics and therapies in demyelinating diseases
Chairs: Fernando Gracia (Panama) and Amado Diaz de la Fe (Cuba)
8.30-9.20 hrs: Fernando Gracia (Panama). Current aspects on B cell in pathological process of MS. New theraphies in development
09.25-09.40 hrs: Maria Robinson (Cuba). Molecular biomarkers and comorbidities in MS
09.45-10.15 hrs: Amado Diaz de la Fe (Cuba). Physical therapy in MS patients: A Cuban experience recovering the neural function
10-15-10.25 hrs: Coffee break
10.30-12.25 hrs: Symposium on neuroimmune interactions and repair of brain damage
Chairs: Profs. Alina Gonzalez-Quevedo (Cuba) and Carlos Alberto Goncalves (Brazil)
10.30-10.50 hrs: Carlos Alberto Goncalves. (Brazil). The role of S100B protein in neuroinflammation
10.55-11.10 hrs: Jessica Silva-Souza (Brazil). S100B secretion is modulated by anti-inflammatory drugs in primary astrocyte cultures
11.15-11.30 hrs: Aleksandra Deczkowska (Israel). Immune activities of choroid plexus and microglia shape brain function throughout life
11.35-11.50 hrs: Ivette Fernandez (Cuba). Cuban hematopoietic factors, G-CSF and EPO, as promising targeted therapy in cognitive/motor impairtments in a nonhuman primate model of Alzheimer´s disease: neurobehavioral findings
11.55-12.10 hrs: Lourdes Lorigados Pedre (Cuba). Peripheral and central regulatory molecules of inflammation in patients with drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy
12.15-12.30 hrs: Priscila Machado Rosa (Brazil). Resveratrol protects oligodendroglia against LPS-mediated cytotoxicity via heme oxygenase-1
12.30 hrs: Lunch
14.00-15.30 hrs: Symposium on Modulating functions in neurological disease
: Diogo Onofre (Brazil) and Yanier Nuñez Fernandez (Cuba)
14.00-14.20 hrs: Diogo Onofre (Brazil). Insights on Neuroprotection: Translational Perspective on New Drugs
14.25-14.45 hrs: Lionel Muller (Argentina). TDP-43-mediated neurodegeneration: role of inflammation in novel transgenic models of FTD/ALS
14.50-15.10 hrs: Miriam Marañon Cardone (Cuba). Neuroprotective treatment with sinusoidal extremely low frequency magnetic field: experimental evidences
15.15-15.30 hrs: Lena Font (Cuba). Ca2+-dependent NO pathway in extremely low frequency magnetic field (13,5 Mt/60 Hz) induces migration in HMEC-1 cells.
15.35-15.45 hrs: Maylin Wong-Guerra (Cuba). Neuroprotective effects of JM-20 on aluminium-chloride-induced learning impairments, mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal death in adult rats
15.50-16.05 hrs: LA Fonseca-Fonseca (Cuba). JM-20, a novel hybrid molecule, protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neurotoxicity in in vivo and in vitro models of Parkinson’s disease
16.10-16.25 hrs: JA Ramirez-Sanchez (Cuba). Regional effects of transient cerebral ischemia on astrocytes reactivity and PI3K/Akt survival pathway: role of JM-20
16.30 hrs: Drummer of Neuroimmunology
Monday. June 12th – SESSION 2
07.30-08.30 hrs: Breakfast at Buffet Room
08.30-10.45 hrs: VIII International Symposia of Hereditary Ataxias and other neurodegenerations
Chairs: Georg Auburger (Germany) and Yaimee Vazquez Mojena (Cuba)
08.30-09.00 hrs: Georg Auburger (Germany). Ataxin-2 as translation factor with specificity for mitochondrial precursors
09.05-09.35 hrs: Luis Velazquez Perez (Cuba). Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 2: early biomarkers and clinical trials
09.40-10.10 hrs: Sonia Moreno (Colombia). Spinocerebellar ataxias in Colombia
10.15-10:45 hrs: Roberto Rodriguez Labrada (Cuba). Novel electrophysiological biomarkers for SCA2
10.45 hrs: Coffee break
11.00-11.30 hrs: Paul Mathew (USA). A new mouse model and treatment for ataxia-telangiectasia
11.35-11.55  hrs: Dennis Almaguer Gotay. Metabolic disorders and their relationship with the clinical phenotype of SCA2
12.00-12.25 hrs: Patricia Hernandez Casañas (Cuba). Intra-nasal administration of non-hemopoietic erythropoietin promotes clinical benefit without toxicity in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 patients:results from a 6 month, doble-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 clinical trial
12.30-12. 55 hrs: Jandy Campins Ali (Cuba). Parkinsonian phenotype in SCA2

Tuesday June 13th – SESSION 2

07.30-08.30 hrs: Breakfast at Buffet Room
08:30 hrs: Symposium on inflammation, biomarkers and intervention in neurodevelopmental disorders
: Scott Hunter (USA) and Lazaro Gomez (Cuba)
08.30-09.00 hrs: Scott Hunter (USA). How Neuropsychology informs Neuroimmunology – Understanding the Cognitive and Behavioral Vulnerabilities in Autism Spectrum Disorders
09.10-09.20 hrs: Maria Robinson (Cuba). From clinical to molecular in autism. A pending task for science
09.25-09.45 hrs: Dario Siniscalcus (Italy). Title to be confirmed
09.50-10.15 hrs: Fernando Casanova (USA). Neuropathology and current tools for treatment in autism
10.20-10.40 hrs: Lazaro Gomez (Cuba). Effects of Non –Invasive Brain Stimulation in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a short term outcome study
10.40-10.50 hrs: Coffee break
10.50-14.00 hrs: Lectures on Neuroimmunology: from history to clinical application
Chairs: Jack Antel (Canada) and Tania Valdez (Cuba)
10.50-11.10 hrs: Tania Valdez (Cuba). Title to be confirmed
11.15-11.45 hrs: Manfred Schedlowski (Germany). Learned immune responses-mechanism and potential clinical application
11.50-12.20 hrs: Hartmut Wekerle (Germany). Nature and nurture – Gut microbiota and multiple sclerosis
12.25-12.50 hrs: Jack Antel (Canada). Title to be confirmed
12.50-13.10 hrs: Carlos M Martinez Ortiz (Cuba). MS-Scan computer program for identification of exact and inexact microsatellites in genomic sequences
13.15-13.35 hrs: Lilia María Morales Chacon. (Cuba). Long-term electroclinical follow up in temporal lobe epilepsy surgery
13.40-14.00 hrs: Ivon Pedroso Ibañez (Cuba). Erythropoietin induce neuroprotection in patients with Parkinson’s disease
20:15-23:00 hrs: Closing Ceremony
Recognition ceremony of Honorary Members


Thursday June 14th 
07:30-10:00 hrs: Breakfast at Buffet Room
9.00-10.00 hrs: Prof. Nibaldo Basilio Hernandez Mesa. Neurosciences and Meditation. Collective Meditation Session
14:00 hrs: Check-out
16:00 hrs: Return to Havana
Program can be downloaded here.