Quota of inscription

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Norms for the presentation of the Works

For national delegates:  $250.00 CUP

For foreign participants:
Delegates:     $180.00 CUC = $206.54 USD
Students:       $80.00 CUC = $91.80 USD (With pre-grade certification)
Companions: $60.00 CUC = $68.85 USD

•   Courses and Pre-congress Shops: ……………. $25.00 CUP / $25.00 CUC = $28.69 USD

•   In the event of registering two courses the quota  will be for both courses: $40.00 CUP / CUC / = $45.90 USD

Note: $1.00 USD = $0.8715 CUC (The rate of change can vary).

During the sessions of the event (18, 19 and 20 of March) the delegates will have the opportunity to participate in different shops, in those we pretend an approach to the practical activities and the development of abilities in the art of using the hypnosis in own benefit and of the other ones. Techniques to approach the Depression, the Phobic Dysfunctions, How to learn to hypnotize?, among other topics, will be within reach of all  together with debates and enriched polemics on the topic.

RECEPTIVE:   Havanatur.