Registration Fees

Cuban Delegates

Before: March 31th

Later than: Abril 1st

SCAAIC members

No members

Members and no members

350.00 CUP

400.00 CUP

450.00 CUP

Foreign delegate fee

Before: February 28th

Later than: March 1st

250.00 CUC

300.00 CUC

Plus one person

80.00 CUC

100.00 CUC

These prices include: welcome cocktail, Expo-Lab, lunches, identification, briefcase with info related to the Conference, attendance certificate, participation in all the Conference sessions, including the closing session.


The Cuban convertible peso (CUC) is the official hard currency circulating in Cuba. You can obtain CUCs at international airports, major hotels, Conference Centres, banks or CADECA [exchange houses.] Most foreign currencies, such as Euros, Canadian dollars, pounds sterling, can be exchanged. The exchange rate will vary with the international exchange rate of the USA dollar every day.

For more information please go to:

Credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Cabal and VISA Electron are accepted in most state-run tourist places. Credit cards issued by American financial institutions are not accepted.  Traveller’s cheques may be exchanged to CUC without fees.