Paper presentation

  • The procedure for conferences, symposia, round tables and oralfree themes , poster and video will be decided by the Scientific Committee.
  • All types of presentation will have a president and a secretary who shall be appointed by the President of scientific committee. If appropriate (symposium and panel discussions) a coordinator will be also designated .
  • For lectures, symposia and panel discussions, exhibitors should send an abstract of their papers, no longer than 250 words by January 30th, 2012 to the secretariat of the conference and on the date of the presentation , authors should hand in a complete copy of the paper to the secretary of the meeting.

Free themes (Oral, Poster & Video)

  • The authors selected by their regional conference should send the summary to the scientific committee before January 15th  2012 , according to the instructions given.
  • Abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.
  • According to content, presentation and conclusions they may be selected for presentation at the event.
    The approval decision is the responsibility of the scientific committee and it will be final.
  • The first author will be informed in advance.
  • All free items accepted will be published in electronic format and delivered to each participant at the time of accreditation.
  • Oral presentation will have 10 minutes and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Poster presentations

  • they will have a panel of 0.82 cm x 120 cm.
  • they should be placed half an hour before the session starts, on the date and site indicated in the scientific program.
  • Posters will be grouped by subject area.
  • The authors are solely responsible for placing of the poster and removing it after the session. It will not be responsibility of the committee if posters get lost.
  • On the date  assigned to the poster presentation,  the author must be present.
  • The jury will evaluate the posters and choose the best from each subject area.
  • The first author must be registered.
  • All authors and / or co-registered will be entitled to a certificate presentation at the Conference.


  • Videos must be submitted on VHS (NTSC standard is 3.58), DVD or VCD.
  • Video presentation will have 15 minutes and 5 minutes for questions and answers.

Audiovisual aids

  • Data Show device
  • Computer

Poster Format

  • The organization of a poster should normally follow the format IMRC (Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions), but it should be taken into considerations the need for graphic and to be kept it simple.
  • Summaries are not accepted. Introduction includes the problem and the objectives. The method should be presented in a graphic or schematic way. The results should be in charts, figures, pictures or graph. Conclusions will be brief and clear.
  • Posters must conform to the required size.
  • The text should be brief and precise, but not omitting information.
  • It should be read at least one meter away.
  • It suggested not to use more than two fonts.