bandera-espanaTopics for the Symposium
– Media and health
– Specialized journalism
– Social Marketing
– Advertising and health
– Public good communication campaigns.
– Creativity in health communication
– Communication for development
– Educational communication and health literacy.
– Communication and gender.
– Production, exhibition and dissemination of communicative products.
– Communication and law policies.
– Networks in health communication
– Communication and new technologies.
– Communication, culture and society.

Topics for the Showcase

–    Food and nutrition.
–    Mother and child health.
–    Environmental health.
–   Mental health.
– Sexual and reproductive health
–    Health of the elderly.
–    Family health.
–    Health through natural and traditional means.
–    Gender and health.
–    Prevention of risk factors for noncommunicable and transmissible diseases.
–    Healthy environments.
–    Public health policies.
–    Social participation.
–    Communication and health.
–    Public health.
–    Social determinants of health, as well as those topics that support the Goals of Sustainable Development related to health