Estimated colleagues and friends:

With great satisfaction we arrive at 121 anniversary of the University Hospital “General Calixto García” characterized by the continuous training of new generations of professionals of the health.

In this occasion the scientific event will spread between January 23 and 25, 2017 and of joint form to the days for medical specialties, courses(years) will develop preconvención virtual and attend them, as well as symposiums satellites and social and cultural commemorative activities of so memorable date.

Once again our institution opens its doors to receive the experiences of all in the field of the scientific research. The Organizing Committee proposes in this meeting to bring together to the most prestigious researchers and emblematic figures of the Science and the Technology to get up-to-date in the most new national and internationally results.

We hope that from the fruitful exchange of experiences we have the possibility of strengthening the scientific technological, educational development and research to raise the quality of the medical assistance and to improve the hospital results and the health of our community.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Martínez Blanco

General director

President Organizing Committee